Christmas Under the Mushroom Clouds



Can you smell the napalm burning the underside of Christmas tree this Jewtide season?  Are you sensing that we are really in trouble this time?   No bullshit, America could be destroyed because the people running Ziocon lie machine have turned Amerika into a loony ward are doing their damnedest to start WW3.  Welcome to hell, tis the season to celebrate the Lord under the mushroom clouds.


Amerikans are raving mad lunatics to allow their government to do what it is doing to the rest of the world.  What kind of evil spell keeps us all in lock step with the Jewish supremacy madness?  Why is everyone going along with the war program and not resisting their impending doom?  What the hell is wrong with everyone?  Don’t you understand that spreading death and destruction sows such bad energy that you doom yourself?

Americans are so Jewified they don’t realize or care that what Amerika is doing overseas – bombing the other parts of the world in their name.  Americans don’t seem to bothered by this completely fake president Obama who lies about everything with his fake persona and who issues illegitimate orders to destroy whoever his Jewish bosses demand.


When did Americans get so far off as to be unable to discern reality?  It starts in the pulpit when you are spoon fed Jewish lies as your reality.  If you, even for one second, accept into your heart the evil practice of Baptism you are doomed to be a Christian slave of the Jews.  Yes Virginia, all of America’s problems are sourced in the primary holy book of the culture.


Hell starts with a Jewish ritual of claiming salvation by a water ritual.  “I’m saved, you’re not” is the very basis of the evil consuming the western nations.  Once you buy that meme set, you and your nation are doomed to be pawns in the Jewish struggle for world domination.  Jewish exclusionism starts at a young age when you are indoctrinated to view yourself as separate from the whole of humanity.

Once captured in this evil cult of Jewish exclusionism, Christians commit the most horrifying crimes imaginable as they serve the “Lord”.  Never do they see that the Lord is really the Jew.  The Iraqi prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib is no accident, it is American Christian exclusionism at it’s best.  The sickness of these Army idiots torturing the natives had to come from somewhere, Iraq had absolutely nothing to

Abu-Ghraib torture is possible because of Christian indoctrination into Jewish exclusionism

“Worshiping a dead Jew on a cross can not save your soul because Jesus is not real.  Jesus is a fictional character in a fictional story and no thing outside of your self can save you, we save ourselves, Iceland just proved that.  People really need to graduate from Christian myth memes.

In fact worshiping Jesus does exactly the opposite of the claim because your soul can not be saved externally.  Your eternal soul is not threatened in any way shape or form but in this life it can be sidetracked and held hostage, until you find yourself dead on a Jew created battlefield.  For most Christians, who are completely and hopelessly trapped in Jewish myth and bound by the memes of the Jew holy book, death is a good way out and thus Christian soldiers are glad to die and get their souls free.

Jesus is the greatest story ever sold, like all marketing campaigns what is claimed and what is real are two different things. You must save yourself, you have to do it, you must become aware of your self. Following Jesus is the path of self annihilation, a downward spiral into confusion, looking for light at the bottom of the Jewish pit.  Believing in Jesus and worshipping Jehovah is subjecting your mind to Jewish abuse and is the highway into Jew hell.”
We have arrived at our pre-planned prophesied dead-end.  Christianity is a death cult religion, unlike the other fake religions this one true religion teaches that we are going into the end times because it is the will of the Lord.  You have to be crazy to believe this stuff, only by being carefully indoctrinated in the Judeo death cult would a human belief death and destruction as our only choice.
Do you believe we are in “end times” because God willed it?  Or do you realize we are stupid apes acting out the religious cultural memes of our holy books?  Which is it?  Are we masters of our destiny or play things of the gods?  Do you believe that Jesus is coming back soon or are you maturing in spirituality and realizing that no imagined god is every coming back to save us?
christian belief in end times creates end times

Christians don’t understand they’ve been indoctrinated into a really bad religion.  They simple can’t see they are the evil ones acting out the evil memes of the evil Jews.  In fact most Christians don’t view the Jews as evil at all – they think of Jews in glowing terms, they believe the Holy Bible teaching that the Jews are God’s special tribe – hand picked by the Almighty himself.

Teaching this myth is voluntary and it is a form of child abuse.  Christianity needs to be banned. Christianity is completely integrated into Judaism and the two can not be separated.  In the infamous words of World Changer, the marriage of Christians and Jews has never been stated better:

“The only thing about your below comments is that Judaism and Christianity are JOINED AT THE HIP SEAMLESSLY ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOPS OF THEIR HEADS in an inoperable Siamese twin condition. The only way you can destroy Jews and Judaism is to destroy Christianity.

You cannot put the cart before the horse.The Christian cannot divest himself of the influence of the Jew without throwing out the dogma of the Bible. If you rally around Christianity you circle the wagons around the Jew.”

Christianity is not some great thing, it is not something you should want your people to believe, it is your curse – but you see it as your salvation – the exact opposite of what it really is.  The dominant religion of America is the curse on America and it is what is driving us into a nuclear conflagration this Christmas holiday.

What is a curse?  Look it up.

noun: curse; plural noun: curses

1.  a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.

What is the entire Bible?  A curse on us. The Holy Bible is not holy or good, it is not of God or life, it is pure unadulterated Jewish evil put in text then transferred from mind to mind by the reading of that text.  Christianity is a memetic mind virus that infects much of humanity – and it should be treated like any dangerous biological virus.

We are being punished by the Jew Bible.  According to this book, it says that in the beginning, God made man, man sinned, God punishes man to eternal work in this life and hell in the next. This book claims you are being punished by the act of being born.  You believe that horseshit?  I don’t, not for one second to I believe that evil shit.

Prophecy is just a continuation of the curse, the curse is extended into our future, right up the very end.  You are told by this book that all of time comes to an end, that man sins result in the near complete destruction of humanity.  They call this evil Revelations.  It is the program of our destruction, it is mass psychosis being acted out.


Amerika is the land of Christians – a whole nation of 41,000 different Christian denominations all joined at the hip with Judaism.  That explains why most Americans, indoctrinated into Christianity have no problem with a Jew in the White House or that the policies of the United States reflect Jewish philosophy of aggressive warfare.

This Jewish aggression is built into the culture, just take a look at the candidates on the Jewtube all arguing on who to bomb next with what weapons.  The unbelievable farce of the American elections is proof of this mass Hebrew insanity gripping the nation, every candidate argues about how much to bomb other sovereign states.  Obviously, criminal insanity grips the nation.


America is the land of Jewified Gentiles, a bad place where bad Jews do bad things to everyone and everyone who isn’t in the exclusionistic club.  Amerika the police state is a Jew hell, so have happy holidays while the rest of the world suffers from Jewish inspired foreign policy.  In the past five years under the Obama administration made Syria a hell for his Jewish masters:

The Judeo-Christian toll in Syria:

500,000 killed

2,000,000 wounded

10,000,000 displaced

christians are willfully ignorant of the suffering they are causing with their religion

So have a Merry Fucking Christmas you assholes and never realize what you have done to so many others while worshipping the dead Jew on the stick.  It’s not just the Jews, it’s also the nation of believing tards who carry out the policies of Jews.  Christians are ok with all this Jewish aggression in their name, Christians are ok with a Jewish president.

So go ahead you idiots, keep praising the Lord Jesus and Yahweh this Jewtide season, you might get your hoped for Rapture delivered to you under a mushroom cloud.  Amerika is one very sick culture that celebrates the Christmas season while unleashing hell on the rest of the world.  I doubt that the rest of the world finds this amusing or tolerable.

rapture of the holy trinity nuke


One thought on “Christmas Under the Mushroom Clouds

  1. Nick

    All I can say is I’ll be praying for u. First off, Obama has treated Israel like trash compared to other presidents and more than that he bowed to a sheik. You say that Christianity is responsible for what’s happening in the middle east but you are IGNORING ISIS and what they are doing to people over there. I have seen the stories of the mothers who had to watch as their children were raped to death and people who were burned alive. I’m in no way saying that Christians are perfect, but your hatred sounds like it is very misconstrued. Even the beginning of the crusades began the same way as ISIS has today in spreading their religion through death and destruction at the hands of Islam. I am in no way saying that Christians are perfect, nor are the jews, but your hatred sounds like it is very misconstrued. Even the beginning of the crusades began the same way as ISIS has today in spreading their religion through death and destruction. I know that Christians aren’t perfect, but your hatred of them is blinding you to the fact that America isn’t only a Christian nation. It is a nation of many creeds and races. I hope that you can eventually see through the hate and understand that there might be bad apples in every religion, however, I hope that one day you will see that the story of Christ isn’t a story of condemnation, but a story of hope and love. I will be praying for you and hope that in time, even with all of the anger you have, one day you will be able to let it go and find love to replace the hate. I can see that you have done a lot of research, but I can only pray that you will one day find hope and love to replace the hate, anger, and hopeless nature that seems to engulf you.
    With Love and Peace,

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