The Greatest Depression of All Time



Are we in the Greatest Depression of all time?  What would that look like?  I say we are in right now, but you don’t realize it because the Jew blindfolded you into accepting permanent unemployment as normal economics.  What is going on is only normal for those in a Talmudic mindset.  The people who are putting you in the sewer control the tube and have made their reality yours.

iNFLATION OF PRICES AFTER 1913 Federal Reserve created

How does the Jew hide the reality of his destructive economic policies?  He inflates your currency to no value.  It’s one of the main tricks of the Jew, he takes your gold and issues fiat script, then debases it until it is worth nothing.  This has already happened but we can’t see it because we are like the frogs boiled slowly.

We are fully cooked like a meth addict who’s brain was slowly liquified by repeated meth hits, and like the meth addict, unaware that we’ve been fried – unless of course we look at some charts of our demise.

Here is the US Dollar chart since the Jew Federal Reserve took over the American economic miracle, the dollar declined slowly over decades, and for most inflation was this invisible process that the American could hedge against with a home purchase – but then housing went bust.


But the stock market is at record highs, how can we be in a depression, you say.  Yes it is because it is denominated in the near worthless fiat script, but in gold the stock market is not.  The stock market is inflated by this phony money, and huge amounts of it is borrowed, meaning that when the crash comes, it can happen in a hurry because the market is leveraged.

stock market inflated by fiat Jew money

So we could be in the “deleveraging” – when the bulls meet margin calls on their record $500 Billion borrowed money.  The stock market is sky high only because Wall Street is high on Federal Reserve crack.


The market could plunge like 1928 or 1929, a panic to get out.  What does this look like?  Imagine taking a skiff over Niagra Falls.  At first you start to accelerate before the big dropout, you hear the roar of the falls ahead, you feel the acceleration and know it not good, and then as fear and panic set in, over the falls you go.

We could be in such a slide now, and it is questionable that the authorities can stop a selling panic.  The Dow is inflated by QE, when it all comes undone, the market average will go back to it’s real value, the SP500 deflated by QE.  (Remember that is only qualitative easing component, the market has also been inflated since going off the gold standard since 1932.)

dow deflated

There is no recovery for such a crash – the panic translates into permanent depressed mentality of the citizens, who all know it’s bad and getting worse, and digging in with a seige mentality and making survival shows popular on the Jewtube.  Americans know they are cooked, they are just confused as who has cooked them.  Luckily we had David Duke on the Alex Jewns show last week.  Tribalist Jews are the culprits.

Oh this game of the Jew, totally shuttering economic activity with myths, regulations, and debt.  Slowly the Jew applies his remedies until every living thing is snuffed out.  The Jew is starving us for jobs with his holy book insanity, he must control us because God said it.  The destroyer Jew does all of this in the name of the creator god, who Gentiles foolishly whoreship.  Down we will go, until we are all dead or until we wake up and stop with the Jew worship.

collapse ofmanufacturering jobs and the take down of america a jew plot

Over half the males in the United States have NO job.  Can you believe that?  So what do we have?  Drugs and violence, confusion because we don’t know what is happening to us.  How do we get out of this living hell, how do we end this endless violence against us?  Simple, get rid of the Jew, do not allow the Jews to rule, end all of their policies as fast as you can.

america completely fucked by jewish banksters

The problem is how the Jew thinks, the Jew thinks opposite of Gentile, the Jew is against work but for free money.  Even Jew statistics are deceptive, like voluntary participation.  Jews are the only creatures on this planet that want to get by, by doing nothing.  Jews in Israel on on the American dole  – and believe it to be their birthright.

Welfare is the curse of the Jew even if most people on it, love it.  Who doesn’t want a free ride?  The Jew got himself a free ride at your expense, he did it by wrecking the economy then demanding benefits, enlisting you as his ally.  Welfare and drugs for all!  FOX News says the Dow hit a record high today, whoopee!

It’s bullshit, stocks are not going up, they are being inflated and when the bust comes, the inflated average will join deflated average.  Take the Dow Jones Industrial Average and deflate it by the gold price, you get a completely different picture of what is really going on.  Come Monday and Tuesday next week, we’ll see if we are goin’ over the falls.

DJIA-deflated by gold

That’s what good about a crash, the public might wake up and go for Hitler – who got rid of Jewish policies and put everyone back to work overnight.  They just did this in Iceland, arrested the bankers, and rid themselves of the debt, and then instant prosperity.  Full employment is your birthright.

The United States needs a new Hitler for you to see what we are capable of.  We could have 100% employment, all you have to do is remove all regulations and quit all welfare, and presto, everyone has to work to survive.  What right does the Jew have handing out public monies to stop able bodies from working?  None, everything the Jew does is a violation of moral law, but we let him because he is the holy chosen one.

thanks jew for the biggest credit bubble of all time




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