Bond Bomb Fuse Lit


The bond market is showing signs of reversing, the historic low interest rates, driving investors into the higher yields of junk bonds, has started a new leg down.  Junk Bonds are leading the pack, the HYG chart illustrates the new trend.

10 year hyg

2year hyg chart showing new downtrend


treasuries-FFR-since-2007  COMMENTS

The stock market, also poised for huge correction, in the next chart the Wilshire 5000 chart show huge upward wedge.  The market fueled by nearly free credit supplied by the Federal Reserve, a rocket ship toward the heavens until interest rates reverse.

10 year chart Whilshire 5000 showing ending upward wedge

And the Global Dow chart is sitting on the uptrend line, it has not made new highs.

GDOW Weekly

We are in unprecedented territory.  Never before in human history have stock averages been this high or interest rates so low.  Will the market reverse soon or even this year?  It’s a gambler’s paradise, as the nation rots, Wall Street casino churns on.



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