The Imminent Implosion of the Jew Order



The so called Jewish (World) Order is one of the greatest oxymorons of all time.  Jewish Order?  Jews creates and exploit chaos.  Jews can not create any decent order because they are destroyers.  All one has to do is take a look at the Middle East which is under the gun of the Zionist destroyers.  Another good example of Jewish economic disorder is the current stock market bubble fueled by record low interest rates which have been flatlining at zero for years.

flatling interest rates fueling stock market bubble thanks jew

This might be the big one, the grand finale of stock market blowoffs that when it reverses results in the implosion of the Jewish money order currently being imposed on us.  Margin debt 2015 dwarfs 1929.  Greedy Jews, having completely stripped American industrial state with the Federal Reserve scam are propping up the dead horse any way they can.

thanks jew for the biggest credit bubble of all time

They have no idea what they are doing besides to buy government bonds that dropped interest rates to zero. What can we all say when the stock market finally busts and the next greater depression starts?  Thanks Jew.  Stay calm, load the weapons, and thank the Jew for the opportunity to kill him.  Violence against the Jew is completely justified at this point because their system is violence against us.


Jewish order is violence waged on the Goyim.  After we lose it all, after our nation is completely taken down, after everything is left in complete chaos due to Jewish manipulations, and after thanking Jews for all they have done for us and to us, will you join me in the elimination of Jews from the North American continent?

collapse ofmanufacturering jobs and the take down of america a jew plot

The Federal Reserve Jew scam that has screwed America out of all its manufacturing jobs, 100 million Americans are now permanently without work, welfare enrollment is at an all time high even as the stock market is making records.  Who’s responsible for this epic decline of the American Republic?  Jews.  Not offshore bankers.  Jews.  Mother fucking Jews did this.

america completely fucked by jewish banksters

Jews are responsible and now the are being suicided. Not a bad thing, what could be bad about a dead banker?  It’s a sign of desperation.  Dead bankers tell no tales, they are dying at this point for a reason, to keep a lid on information. Jumping bankers means we are near the end of this cycle of financial power.


Most people know the situation is really bad, but they don’t know who did it to us.  Well I am here to tell you it’s the Jews.  I write the essays and post the pictures of Jews, because unlike Alex Jonestown, I am not a paid disinformant, I do not get paid to write the truth.  No one gets paid to tell truth because all political power is based on lies.


Christians pray for the return of a fictional savior Jew, patriots fear the New World Order, but I have a third way.  Come out of myth and leave fear behind and start eliminating Jews.  Hitler 2.0 is what this world needs.  Most everything he said about the Jew was true, now it is our turn.

hitler quote jews israel criminal enterprise

Welcome to the Jewish world disorder and welfare state. America has been robbed blind by Jews and it’s time to come to our senses and eliminate Jews!  All Jews must be removed from state and military immediately.  What we do with the rest of them will be justified by our collective anger when we wake up and realize the Jew is responsible for all not well.

jews take lifeboat while the uss america sinks into oblivion



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