John Titor’s 2015 Nuclear War Prediction


march 12 2015 nuclear war prediction

A purported time traveler from 2036 told us that there would be nuclear war between the Jew enemy and Russia in the near future.  The reason this is important is that John Titor has never been debunked and much of what he said has come true, and now we see the propaganda machine in high gear cranking out anti-Russian propaganda as the central bankers push for WW3 in a last desperate act of trying to save bank credit.

flat lining credit rates zero

Interest rates are scrapping along the zero line, the society is totally indebted and the demand for credit is waning, as a result natural market forces are trying to liquidate debt, but the Jew won’t let that happen, so the Jew turns up the printing press and floods the market with free credit.  The desperate Fed is trying to steer between hyperinflation and the implosion of deflation.

At the same time the Jew tries a hail Mary pass, arming Ukraine and starting up another world war, this time against Russia.  But Russia wants nothing to do with empire expansion, all Russia has to do is say NO and the entire Jew scheme of bank credit will come tumbling down.  Putin said NO last week, so at least one person on this deranged planet has some balls.

jews ukraine takeover

With the Jewish controlled Congress voting to arm Kiev and Putin making a strong nationalist speech last week, the flames of war are being stoked to ever higher levels and Russia will eventually be forced to stop Jews.  It seems John Titor’s prediction of nuclear war on March 12th, 2015 @3:45 A.M.  is coming true.   That prediction was made 13 years ago when Russia was our friend and trading partner, but now everything has changed.

end of jew york city

The spoiled fat Jew boys at the New York Times screams profanities at Putin, as if Putin was the new devil, the new Hitler.  How dare he resist the godly Jew!  We can only pray and hope the Putin puts the A-bomb right down the throat of Jew financial central.  One bomb solves the world’s credit problem.

Most people will ignore John Titor’s prediction, most people live in cities and will not entertain the idea of nuclear war.  Most people choose to worship a fictional Jewish savior god – who does not exist and can not save them.  Pretending that some god cares about you is insanity, the fossil record says otherwise, 99% of the species have gone extinct.


Christians are fooled into thinking they are worshipping the Lord.  But who is the “Lord”?  God?  Jesus?  Not a chance.  God is a meme and Jesus never was.  So who are you actually worshipping dear Christian?  Rothschild.  Rothschild is the real overlord of the banking system and you Christian are part and parcel part of that system, you work to convert people to your faith, you work to make slaves out of your fellow man.

In reality, Christians are really deeply depressed individuals, bewildered and confused, unable to understand that they are slaves on a prison planet.  Earth is a gulag, and church is the temple of your mind, you lay you mind to rest so that you don’t have to think about your predicament.  If you don’t care for church then you can take any number of mind altering drugs the Jew is only so happy to sell you.


Jesus can’t save you, Christianity is only a mass delusion, part of the power structure run by the evil Rothschild family.  When Rome wrote the New Testament, the Caesar cast himself as the savior says Joseph Atwill in his best seller Caesar’s Messiah.  But the Jew Rothschild took over the Roman system and enslaved all, now Rothschild is the real Lord and all your worship energy goes to HIM and his fake money system that teeters on collapse.

If the inevitable happens, if the bomb ends the Rothschild Central Bank System, the banks, the national government, food stamps, social checks, etc., will instantly end.  That would be the moment in time in which the system you depend on ceases to exist.  Are you ready?  Are you ready to manage yourself and not be the Goy toy of the Jew?  Freedom.  With freedom you must think for yourself and no longer be the stupid sheep.

are you ready for the end of the system

The cause of the complete destruction of our civilization is well known.  Jews.  Bank credit.  Religion.  The Jew system of bank credit has reached its logical end – the total destruction of everything.  This should be of no surprise, the Jew is completely insane, his economic ideas of total control will only result in destruction because humans are free and never will submit to tyranny of the Jew.



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