The Great American Car Crash



There is a huge transformation underway inside America, the love affair with the gasoline powered car is morphing into a love affair with bicycles.  If you love this trend then you can thank Dick Cheney and his Jew Neocon dual citizen friends who destroyed the American Dream with their wars for oil and Israeli hegemony.  They never got any oil, they never brought down the price of oil, they made it go up and cause a permanent decline in the dollar and purchasing power.  Amerika is bankrupt and those at the bottom end can no longer afford automobiles.   The American dream of a car in every garage is now as dead as a doornail.

Car Miles Driven Collapses Due to High Oil Prices

As gasoline prices were artificially manipulated higher, car miles started to decline after the peak in 2005.  Why do I say artificially high prices?  You can buy gasoline in Caracas, Venezuela  12 cents a gallon!   At some competitive petrol stations, it’s only half that at 6 cents.  No wonder the CIA killed Hugo Chavez, can you imagine how they must drool over the Orinoco oil belt at Langley?

vz oil graphic

The Bush-Cheney promise of unlimited cheap oil by squishing Iraqis didn’t pan out, gasoline retail prices went up and stayed up killing the American dream of a privately owned vehicle.


Gasoline retail sales are falling off a cliff.  High prices are killing demand.

Weekly Total Gasoline Retail sales By Refiners

The bad karma of Jew wars of world domination is causing a collapse in the car economy and the rise in the bike economy.  We can all anxiously await peak car.  The Jews in Israel thank you for your obedience and sacrifice, and they are especially appreciative of your tax money sent for their welfare and the brand new highways paid for by you.

The New Greater Depression is Forcing New Transportation

The bicycle has huge advantages over the gasoline powered car, it is extremely light, extremely low capital cost, extremely efficient, extremely cheap on maintenance, and extremely lower cost on insurance and gasoline cost.  How efficient is a bicycle?  Four times better than walking!  Two hundred times better than a car.  No wonder Americans are choosing bikes for transportation.

bike effeciency graphic

With a bike you never have to buy gas , you only pass gas stations which rob the consumer upwards of $100 each visit.  You don’t need a driver’s license or insurance, you don’t need to stop at the stop signs, you don’t need to pay for parking or get oil changes or buy four expensive tires at Les Slob.  The bicycle is so cheap they are available for free use in many cities, even homeless people can afford bikes.  What do you know?  Regular working stiffs are now on par with homeless drunks.

bikes vs. cars production

When the old Soviet Union failed in December of 1991, the client state of Cuba was forced into bike use overnight.  Within days, the collapse of the Soviet empire and the embargo on Cuba caused the the Cubans to run out of petrol.  All cars stopped running and became worthless overnight.  That is one big problems with the gasoline powered car, its complete dependency on a single fuel source.  You don’t have to run out of oil for the effect to be the same, all you have to do is manipulate the price so that it becomes expensive and the consumer will choose another mode of transportation.  What happened to Cuba is now happening in slow motion in America.  Americans are transitioning from cars to bikes and empire food to organic gardening.

If auto manufacturers had improved efficiency of their product, people would continue to use autos.  A modern car is like a computer that never had an increase in processor speed.  Your car’s engine is old technology, it is an archaic relic of poor thermal efficiency, no gasoline powered car has ever been more than 25% efficient, three quarters of the fuel still becomes heat not work.

bicycle weight

If there is an example of an industry whored to state regulations and unable to change it is the auto industry.  They all make lookalike crap, they all make very inefficient petrol burning machines, they are extremely capital expensive requiring long credit terms.  Modern autos are still extremely heavy vehicles, almost none are below 2,000 lbs, many weigh over two tons.  Compare that to a bicycle, most are around 20 lbs.  Bicycle mass has steadily declined from 80 lbs in the 19th century, but not cars, they are still very, very heavy.

Bicycles Solve Permanently Solve the Petrol Problem

The American economy was built around the automobile, the very nature of the suburbs and fast food joints was built on the premise of cheap gas.  America is the one country completely built around the premise of cheap oil, the dramatic price increases of oil has collapsed the car economy.

Most bicycles sold in America are made in China, and have the same level of quality as any Walmart product, cheap consumer crap.  DON’T BUY A CHINESE MADE BICYCLE.  There are plenty of older American made bicycles to choose from, just check your local Craigslist.  American made is quality and they are still dirt cheap.


Older Schwinns are a very good choice, the manufacturing quality was excellent, many are not welded but manufactured with brazed joint fittings.


Cycling is how you get strong in an age where everything around you is dead.  Physical fitness drives the search for nutritious food, it makes you feel good, it makes you strong in an age when everyone is weak minded and caving into state welfare programs.  Bicycling and organic food go together, compare that to the car culture, where fat people burn petrol getting to and from the fat burger joint.

It’s Time to Occupy the Bike Factory

America is being cannibalized by evil Jew bankers, they should all be shot dead.  In the meantime, you can buy an American made bike and enjoy it’s higher quality.  Workers can start thinking about occupying the deposed factories where Neocons shipped your jobs off onto the Chinese slaves.

Schwinn girl vs Modern Tramp

So until that glorious day in which we kill all the bankers, it’s time to occupy the factories and take the country back.  Forget this idea of private property, it’s always been a  sham, no one actually owns any property when you must pay property taxes.  The sad fact is that we are owned by the state.  And since the Jew owns the state then we are currently chattel of the Jew.  That is a sad fact.  But we can make changes, we can off the Jew and take back our factories.  So occupy the factory, we own the country not some scum rich elite, we own it because we live here, we own it because we built it, we have a right to exist and the parasite needs immediate execution.

We can produce our own stuff, whatever we need or want, we can produce it.  No one in America needs to buy anything made in China.  The healthy way to live is to produce the stuff you need and to grow your own organic food. What we need to do is a no-brainer.  The global economy is a boon for Jew bankers and the death to every indigenous economy.  I have a new slogan for the upcoming revolution, feed your neighbor, kill the Jew.  We must get back to work making our own stuff and to do that we need to kill the Jew parasite.  I ask you when are you going to get the moral resolve and do what must be done?

jew only freeway

Do you like living in the present age where nothing is made here except bombs and Federal Reserve credit?  Don’t you love it, Israel has brand new roads paid for by you, and the Jew parasites are driving around in brand new cars while you get to bike to work on potholed roads in the new ice age blizzard.  Having been robbed blind by Mr. Jew, impoverished Americans can now ride a bicycle to work in the sleet and snow and thank Mr. Jew for not killing them.



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