Ghost Ship America, Crewed By Cannibal Rats, Heads Toward the Shoals of Total Despair


America is like the Titanic, a huge unsinkable ship, adrift from any gold standard or other morality.  America, the most God fearing nation is also the most war like nation of intolerant Jewish monotheists, crewed by cannibal rats that have gutted her interior.  Sooner or later, America’s sins are coming home to roost, the fake war on terror is really a war of terror on all Jewish enemies and anyone without a Rothschild central bank will eventually result in real terror on America soil.

USS Republic

Then the unreality of what we do everyday to everyone else will be experienced by Americans in America.  The reality of massive death and destruction not seen since the Civil War will create total despair amongst the sheep who put up with the criminal rats for to long.  The America Republic is dead, the ship of state is crewed by a cabal of psychopaths who are infested with Jewish mentality and care nothing about the country and only of their own power and profit.  They are running the ship of state aground.  Then these rats will jump ship and head toward another gullible nation or retire in Israel.

Cut Free from Mooring of the Gold Standard

If you are wondering how the American dream was hijacked by the Jew then look no further than this chart, over two centuries of gold price in one chart.  America was doing just fine on the gold standard, leading the world in productivity, thrift, hard work, standard of living until Mr. Jew came along and took control.  He did this with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

click here for the big gold chart:

gold standard since 1776

The purpose the Federal Reserve was to allow the Jews to rob America blind under the guise of monetary management, the Federal Reserve promised it would stop economic depressions and provide price stability.  It did neither, as you can see in the gold chart above that the US Dollar was destabilized by the Fed fiat money machine.  Now that we are entering the Second Great Depression no one can doubt that trusting the promises of the bankers was misguided.

The Federal Reserve was a tool of Jews to rob an entire industrial state.  They are the masters of the big lie and the big bank job, when a Jew steals, he wants it all.  With the trillions of dollars of manufactured money the Fed was able to buy up everything and put Jews in control of all industry and infiltrate the state.  Now that the Jews own everything and you are the slave on their Talmudic plantation, everyone is forced to walk the plank in a deep level of submissiveness to these god imposter overlords.

They made themselves fabulously wealthy, they stole everything from America including her top secrets, they stole her sanity with Zionist Christianity, they stole her morality with endless torture and war, and they stole her very soul by converting a free and prosperous nation into a slave war making state.

America is now a gutted cruise ship adrift in unfriendly waters, without a rudder or place of landing, all that there is left in the darkened cobwebbed corridors are Christian zombies and hungry Jewish rats eating each other.  What we need to do is send in teams to cleanse America of this infestation, no mercy, no negotiations, just a good old purge of the Jewish plague.  Don’t let the rats get away.

Sandy Hook Traitors

The unreality of America is can be clearly seen in the Sandy Hook hoax.  We are in the end game, total unreality as they cart off their stolen loot, they are going to massacre America because they know that we are going to eventually figure out what they did.  The news on the jewtube is all lies.  Nothing is real or true in this bizzare Talmudic simulation.  The mainstream all agrees to the official fictional account of a mass shooting while those with independent minds of the Jewish hive mind question if anyone was actually shot or if the school was even a real school.

destroy the evidence just like 911

Sandy Hook is a litmus test exactly like 911.  Sandy Hook tests your sanity, if you believe the official story then you are one of the Zombies on cruise ship USSA Amerika.

Sandy Hook is a traitorous town that is selling out the rest of the nation with their silence and accomplishment of assisting the DHS with this false flag.  What to do, what to do, what do we do about these traitors?  What was done to Atlanta in the Civil War?  The solution to the problem of Sandy Hook is obvious.  These traitors have signed their own death warrants and have lost their right to exist amongst the rest of us.

The Band Plays On

As the ship of state sinks into endless wars for the Jewish world domination, the Christian band planted firmly on the deck plays on, refusing to deal with the reality of the situation that they are assisting the complete destruction of America and damning their very souls.  Christians practice willful ignorance and will fully deserve their upcoming fate.  It is pathetic display of synchophantic subserviance watching them slavishly lick the heel of the Jewish supremacists in the end game.

Christianity will go down with America, completely destroyed by their connection to the Jewish overlords who Christians ineptly call ‘The Lord’ erroneously thinking that ‘Jesus Christ the Lord’ is real when he is a plagiarized fictional character in a sun savior mythological story line.  It is plain as day obvious that Christians are worshiping the state and power, they are worshiping Jewish money and power.  Christians are worshiping the chosen ones as god and have made Israel their promised land and this is why they can not see Israel for what it is and ignore the genocide and persecution of Palestinians.

national christian choir goin down with the ship

Christians, like their Jew cousins, are infected with a mind virus. Christian Americans like Sarah Palin think of themselves as special, as the salvation to the world, they have this meme of exceptionalism firmly planted in their brain.  This myth of exceptionalism is driven by the Bible mythos that some people are better if they believe a certain way, that Jews are god’s chosen and the Christians saved.  Exceptionalism is driven my exclusionary memes and it translates to a viewpoint that I am better than you because my holy book says so.  The Bible is the driving force behind war, it is not a spiritual document, it is a war making memeplex used for brainwashing serfs.

If there is one fact that Americans will never come to grip with is that their religion is the driving force behind the wars, America is 237 years old and has been in 240 wars.  Forget 24/7, in another 10 years and 7 more wars America will have committed 247 wars in 247 years.  Amerika’s new meme is 247 years /247 wars.  War, war, war, and the band plays on refusing to yield.

The American empire is the beast, it bombs and kills to the tunes of the Christian marching band.  America is right, you are wrong, bombs away.  Exceptionalism gives us the right to bomb you.  Christians are not the source of morality like they claim, they are just as evil as the Jews they worship, they are in on it with Jewry.  Christians are nothing less than Judaised gentiles.

Total Implosion of Everything You Know is Imminent

Eventually the dead ship of state runs aground, eventually the insanity ends and reality asserts itself.  America is getting away with living in la la land because of technology and credit.  If you have enough money and toys who needs to deal with reality?  Not Americans.  The Zombies are wandering in circles texting each other with iPhones.

Why worry when you’re thinking Jesus is coming back any day to save you?  Who cares about what the government is doing when you are texting your brain dead friends and posting pics of your latest stupidity on Facebook?  No one cares because no one is present or sane.

The American cruise ship is a surreal experience of living in the lap of luxury as the hull is breached and the boat is taking on water.  Will we be all starving by this time next year?  Will we be freezing to death at this time next year, unable to to afford or even get the energy we need while the cold north winds blow in?

frozen great lakes 2014

The Great Lakes are freezing over yet everyone still believes in Global Warming.  What the hell is wrong with the minds of the American people?   Everyone seems to be reality challenged.  The Great Lakes are frozen over like the American mind.


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